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Black wordpress magazine theme with multiple sliders, layouts and ads. Feedburner, polls and related posts.



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  1. Hello.
    I am user of “Destro Pro” theme. And I faced one problem with comments section social integration.
    To be more precise user after hitting Facebook like button receives in the result box, how can I get rid of that box that shows up.

    Hope to see quick answer,

    • admin

      Didn’t understand your question. The comments section has no social integration, are you using any plugin for that?
      or do you mean the social buttons below the post title in single post page?

      • I purchased pro and i dont know how to activate it in wordpress.

        • Evan,

          In “Themes” (Where the search boxes are or it might be under Appearance > Themes > Install) There is a button on top of the search boxes. Click the second one to the right (Install) and select the file. The file is: Un-Zip the package you downloaded. Then, you will see more files. Upload “Theme Alley” first. No need to activate it. Then, go back to where you were uploading “Theme alley” but instead select “”. Install this and activate it. Done!


          – Miles

          • I had that same problem and when I try to upload the parent theme “Theme Alley” I get this error message:

            The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.

            Any ideas?

          • admin

            Your web host need to increase the max upload file size to say 8mb or 16mb. Submit a ticket and they will do it for you.

      • Daniel

        I want to have a slider on the home page but i dont want to have each post corresponding to that slider picture be posted on the home page. How do I disable those posts from the homepage.

        • admin

          It happens only when recent posts are featured, as you add more posts they will move out of homepage and will only show up in featured slider.

  2. does the pro version come with ability to upload custom company logo? couldn’t find that anywhere

  3. There is a small grey box just beside the header logo? How do you get rid of it and what is it for?

    • admin

      Hello Gary,

      It is the adsense, you can turn it off in ad settings tab in theme options page.

  4. Hello,

    Having trouble getting the video thumbnail to populate on the homepage. Followed directions and created a custom field for “video” and I entered the url in the value field. Any suggestions?

    • admin

      you need to enter the actual url to flash video, using the youtube url you enter in browser won’t work. you need to get the url from the embed code of youtube.

      param name="movie" value="

  5. Hello. I am using the Destro Pro theme. I am having a problem with submenus. No matter which browser I use when a person mouses over the menu then tries moving to a submenu it disappears.

  6. Jon K

    also how do you get your images to show in the slider?

    • admin

      Simply set a featured image, see image below.

      click on the image for bigger picture


      • Hi there,

        Please, for real I updated all WP etc but still no custom field to set up the video on the slider. Is just simply not there in the options.


        • Hi there, So i fugured out how to get the custom field to show up but it only takes videos. Is there any way that I can get it to work with vimeo hd videos? Do i need a plug in or something?




          • admin

            Sorry for the late response, currently only youtube is supported. Will add other sources in next update.

          • Hi Admin, thanks for the response. I have been setting up everything and apart from the only able front page slider option, I cannot make the excerpt become clickable nor the featured image for this matter. I was going to set it up on the functions.php of the parent theme but it was impossible. Is there any way that you could please include that in the next update as well. I have been trying to set up another image or menu instead of the adsense but it is not working.Such space only takes the id for the ad making it a big loss of space if you don’t want to place ads but another menu or images. Thanks for looking into it.



          • admin

            will try and make the excerpt and images in slider clickable in next version.

            You can add a banner ad beside logo. you can paste the code in Ad settings tab and select no for show adsense in header option.

          • How’d you get that custom field… I still can’t figure it out.

  7. Hi,

    i really tried my best, but the videos are not shown on my mainpage. I created a custom field by a plugin called video and entered the url to video in its value field – nothing happened yet. I really appreciate if you would show in detail how this whole thing works. Thanks in advance!

    • admin

      You don’t need a plugin, please check the image above.
      you can email me the dashboard access along with the order id and i will set one video up so you know how to post them.

  8. Elias G.

    Hi, I’m having problems tried to change the slider type int the pro theme, the only ones that there seems to be working are the Anything Slider and the Accordian Slider (without the background of the slider) the others simply don’t show up, can you help me

    • admin

      Some other plugin is interfering, deactivate them all and activate them one by one and check if the slider you want is working.
      Once you figure out which plugin is causing, try a similar plugin in place of it.

  9. i have the same problem with the sliders. The images are not showing up.

  10. Hi, I know i’m a bother, but now I set a custom logo, but below the logo appear the next


    you can check it in the site.


  11. Hi. I am pretty new to having my own website. I have some knowledge, but am still learning. I found and purchased your pro theme and I love it. I do need a bit of help though. I can’t figure out how to get an image/images on my slider. I did install the required plugins so I am sure I am just overlooking something. Thanks.

    • admin

      you don’t need any plugins, you need to set a “featured image” for each post thats in the slider.

      See the red circle on the right side of the image (click on the image for bigger pic )

      • I did that already. It still isn’t working for me.

        • admin

          can you send me the dashboard access via the contact form

          • Hey. Sorry I took so long. My husband is a software engineer so I am going to see if he can help me with this just because it might be quicker. If he can’t, i’ll get back on here. Thanks.

      • Hi there, I’m trying to set up a video on the slider but there is no custom fields or anything after the excerpt. Could you please help me? Should I download a plug in or something?. And second. Is there any way I can set up a social media button for pinterest on the social media section on the top banner?


  12. I am having trouble with the video’s I have embeded the video using the full mark up as was told to another person with the same issue but all I get is a link to the post. Also in the preview of the template it makes it appear as if the ads would be above the subscribe and twitter link on the sidebar how can I make this happen?

    Thanks in advance!

    • admin

      You should not post the entire embed code, only the video ur you find in embed code.
      To show ads, select “yes” for show 300×250 ads and go to widgets page and drag a 300×250 ad into 300×250 sidebar.
      If you need me to set it up, send me dashboard access via the contact form.

      • OK will send the info as I am not able to set up the video properly or the Ads…it keeps pushing the ads below the subscribe sending you info via contact

  13. I am having trouble with the video thumbnails on the sidebar too, I am only getting links.

    What am I doing wrong?

    • admin

      you must put the url to a flash video, not youtube url

      On the youtube, click on share
      Then click on embed
      then check the use old embed code
      copy the code to a notepad.
      look for something like param name=”movie” value=””
      that is the actual url to the video
      put that in the value box for video custom field.

  14. thanks for the prompt response.

    I noticed in your demos that you showed children categories under parent categories, how do you do that?

  15. Have done as instructed, should that then show the video on the sidebar on the homepage?

  16. hmmm. not working for me.

    The video shows up blog list page but not on home page.

    any ideas?

  17. forget that, is all working now.

    the problem i have now is the blog list page has flowed out, I am seeing the sidebar underneath the blog list instead of to the right

    • admin

      is it fixed now? i don’t see it on your website…

      • yea it seems to be ok now, think it was something to do with having Category Boxes displayed.

        Is there a trick to uploading images for the slider?

        • admin

          set a featured image to each post that is in the slider

          • how big should the image be and should it be posted into the post?

            I ask because most of my content comes from a feed with images or video already put in

          • admin

            Image can be 300×300 to 2000×2000 and up depending on the slider you are using, if you use small images use anything slider, if you use bigger images you can use all sliders.
            You don’t have to resize the image, simply upload it and wordpress will make necessary sizes.

            images in posts wont be used, you need to set a separate image.

            See the red circle on the right side of the image, that’s where you set the featured image. (click on the image for bigger pic )

  18. thank you for very prompt responses, you have been extremely helpful

  19. Corey

    I am trying to install the theme. I unzipped the file into wp-content/themes, but can’t seem to find the “required plugins” files to upload to the wp-content/plugins folder. Where is this located?

    • admin

      In the email, you will have the link to the plugins, download it and unzip it and upload them.

      • Corey

        Once I unzip everything into the folders, the theme is not showing up in my dashboard under Themes. Do I need to delete the free version first?

        • admin

          you don’t have to delete it. if you are uploading via ftp, unzip and upload to wp-content/themes and if you are uploading via dashboard, simply upload the zip you downloaded.

  20. can you check out the feedburner part of my site, where the email box there is an image failed to load icon underneath, how can I remove that?

    • admin

      In your feedburner account activate the chicket which shows how many subscribers you have.

  21. one other thing….I just installed the Platinum SEO plug in which has knocked out all of my video and featured image settings which is a pain in the butt!

    Can you recommend another SEO plug in?

  22. this is all getting a bit frustrating now…..i am now adding the social accounts and that has knocked out all the slider settings, this happened when I uploaded Platinum SEO as well.

    Is there some kind of trick to this or something?

  23. Having a lot of problems trying to add event calendars to my site. It seems there is some sort of jquery or some java conflict that happens with any of them I have installed. The calendars will not display of will not function correctly. If I change my theme to one of the wordpress default themes the calendars work fine but as soon as I switch back to Destro Pro, they do not work at all. This really is a problem because the site has to have a calendar and I already spent the $$ on Detro Pro and also spent a lot of time customizing it.

    • Actually it seems it is only one of the sliders causing the problem. In particular the accordion slider. Also, is there away way to customize the sliders any further? I would like to custom link them.

  24. The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. I keep getting this message when i try to upload the zip, What do I need to do?

    • admin

      You need to unzip the downloaded zip file and you will see 2 separate zip files, uploaded these 2 zip files, first and then

  25. Hi,

    I’m trying to create my own static background, but I’m doing something wrong xD

    This is the CSS code I’m using:

    body{ background:url(images/game-pc-background.jpg) no-repeat fixed; }

    However: it doensn’t become static and it keept repeating…

    • admin

      Try :

      body{ background:url(images/game-pc-background.jpg) no-repeat center center; }


      body{ background:url(images/game-pc-background.jpg) no-repeat center top; }

      • Thanks,

        But it needs to stay static while I scroll down… Now I have a white area below =/

        PS: great support, fast reposone πŸ˜‰

        • And? Is there an other piece of code? I need the image to stay static: When you scroll down the site, the image remains fully visible.

  26. Ag

    Trying to install through G Daddy site. FTP. Do I make a new directory (in themes) for the Theme Alley and Destro Pro to upload the files?

    • admin

      You can simply ftp the entire folders “ThemeAlley” and “Destro Pro”
      no need to create folders.

      • Ag

        it wont let me upload the file – only the contents IN the file. That is why U was asking about making the directory myself to put the files in–ideas?

        • admin

          Ah okay, in that case, yes make the directories with same names and upload the contents to correct directories.

          • Ag

            sent you an email to show your the error code I received

          • Ag

            got it!! For people installing who are in a hurry and make silly mistakes or not paying quite the attention needed (Like me lol) Here are the steps…
            In dash board
            go to appearance
            go to install themes
            click upload
            browse for the zip file ThemeAlley and upload it then activate it
            follow these steps again and this time upload the zip file
            activate it and should work perfectly

  27. I set up this theme but when testing the ads, im not getting credit for them. I’ve placed my publisher ID where it was listed but while in Adsense I cannot see the hits as well as clicks received. Any Ideas?

  28. Can you check my website and tell me what possibly happened? Looks like I lost my theme and formatting.


  29. Thanks for looking into the ads. My next question is the Top Rated/Popular widget. I cannot get this to update at all. Is there a plugin I have to install or code I have to edit in order to get this function working? Thanks for your time!

  30. Hi, I’m having problems tried to change the slider type and magazine layout int the pro theme, the only ones that there seems to be working are the Anything Slider and the Accordian Slider (without the background of the slider) the others simply don’t show up, can you help me

  31. My online store is interfering with my slider. I can’t take my online store out, WP-onlinestore. What do I do?

  32. Need help with MOST Popular Box and Showing Vids. I went to the settings to NOT show the MOST Popular box and it still does.

    Also, none of the videos are showing.

  33. Hi There I have just bought pro version. where do I get it?

  34. hello, I purchased the pro version of Destro, but i am having troubles uploading the file, i believe because of the size and duration. i tried using google chrome, monzilla, opera any suggestions? When it appears to be complete, WP says please try again.

  35. never mind. i figured it out. thank you

  36. Hey sorry to bother, really like the options with the premium, but lack understanding of how to make some more basic changes. Is there a setting, or something I’m missing to change the font sizes and colors on my main page?

  37. Sorry another question on my site in every blog post this blank square box appears at the top of each post and I don’t know how it got there and try as I might I can’t get rid of it. I tried turning off recent widgets or plugins, changing settings. I just don’t know.

  38. HoughTransform

    Can I overlay a layer on top of the existing logo space or expand the logo space to the full width of the top of the screen? I am not going to have advertisements for now and would much rather expand my logo to eliminate “dead” space on my homepage.

  39. Hello. I have the pro version of this theme. Currently WordPress keeps saying there is an update to the theme, yet when I update it, it reverts me back to the Lite version. Is there an update to the pro version?

  40. I’m using destro and want my homepage to be Video Mag, however i dont know how to put posts into Recent and Favorite Tabs, any help? Thanks

    • admin

      recent automatically shows recent posts.
      you can select the category for favorite posts in theme options.

  41. I’m having a problem with AdSense ads. With my publisher ID in the settings, it displays both the header ad and 300X250 ad above posts, but there is no option to turn the above posts ad off. If you take the pub ID out, it removes both ads. I want the header ad without the above post ad.

  42. thomthom

    can you make a youtube videio on how to make the your vidieos show up plz!

  43. How can I change the skin to my site? i cant find it anywhere in the settings/options section

    • admin

      you need to upload the multiple zip files you get when you unzip the downloaded file.
      Then activate any of the skin you like.

  44. I never got a slider.plugin I need help figuring out how to add the images that i have

  45. As you can optimize the main theme as it appears on the com main catch of this page?, Ie posts, videos, etc, or the post memos and videos only, thanks.

  46. hi,
    I am wondering how to enable slideshow in this great theme. I had alredy find Slider options, but slider is not visible on the main page, there is only link to picture.

  47. How do I get rid of the sidebar entirely and extend the posts?

  48. How do I change the size of the logo?

  49. Help!
    I am in wordpress and i paid for the theme to be prio but it didnt? how do i actiavet!!!!

  50. The other thing is your theme is too large for wordpress to be uploaded.

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