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Black wordpress magazine theme with multiple sliders, layouts and ads. Feedburner, polls and related posts.



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  1. hello,
    I downloaded the pro zipped file, installed, and activated it and it looks like there’s no content on my page now. I’m not sure what I did wrong.

  2. Just a rendering question…. when the page renders, the slider’s post Header & Text) renders to the left, then the image loads and the post Header & Text centers itself. It can be a little distracting. Is there a way to change the css so that the post name & text centers itself when it first loads?

  3. enrique

    Hello. I bought the Destro Pro. Is there any documentation file? And, how to get all the social media icons inside of those ballons atop of the page. Thanks a lot for the theme, it is nice

  4. Hello I’m having a very hard time placing videos on my website. I followed your link and all the other posts you have above but I still cant get videos to show. This is the right URL right
    ((( ))))) I created the custom video field and put that URL in it. I tried it with text at the top of posts and without. Need help.

  5. how to add 2nd menu bar for home page only?

  6. i want to remove “Designed by ThemeAlley.Com” how to remove its and add “Designed by Dotcom network” text

  7. I Can set an featured image but when i Install both theme’s themealley first as it parent and then Destro pro.
    When i look at my posts I do not see the customfield part and I feel I am missing some slider parts

  8. i want to slider image size….nivo, cmera, picemaker, accordian, botique, botique2, ken burner , budy, plz help me…

  9. i want to add ads space to bottom to slider… i can its?

  10. Alex


    I’m thinking of buying this theme.

    Are you able to customize the background but keep the text and boxes ontop of the background? Also regarding categories – can you make them pop down? I currently have a shop that has 500 items so I’m after a category menu that will drop down once clicked on. Currently i have one that is hover over and it keeps flicking up and down.


  11. I installed Theme Alley parent theme, afterwards Destro Pro when I try changes the layout my wordpress menu does not pickup the altered Layout and my widget options still see mag three settings instead of the Pro, and does adsense work on the 125×125 widgets and other add widgets, also I am not able to add anything to the side bar.

    • admin

      In widgets section you will still see the magthree sidebar but it won’t show up in magpro.
      For 125×125 ads, it has to be banner ads and not adsense. Adsense is already placed in 3 spots in the theme so there is no point in placing it there as google won’t show it anyway.
      You need to add widgets to default sidebar and footer sidebars when you are using magpro.

  12. how do I edit the slider????????>??????

  13. Have many websites can you use one theme on. Can it be used on different websites different URLs

  14. Can you identify which parts need to edit in css as in header.php? to change the size of the logo.

  15. Mo


    I have installed Destro pro, but through my wordpress is says” The parent theme is missing. Please install the “ThemeAlley” parent theme”.

    What should I do?

  16. how to change page title font size and font color and remove font italic

  17. image is out of table firefox browser… but its correctly chrome … example

  18. Hello, I can not locate logo_section, all you see is what you see below:

    .logo_title {
    font:48px/48px ‘ChunkFiveRegular’, Georgia, “Times New Roman”, Times, serif;
    margin:10px 0 0 20px;
    .logo_title a{
    .logo_title a:hover{
    .logo_desc {
    font:14px ‘AmbleBoldItalic’, Georgia, “Times New Roman”, Times, serif;
    margin:0 0 0 40px;
    .logo_desc a{
    .logo_desc a:hover{

    • admin

      Sorry, please check responsive.css for #logo
      there will be two instances of it there, look for it around line#1043, change 50% to whatever you like.

  19. table bg color not change… y…

  20. Xyla

    Hi! I installed this theme for my site, but the pages do not appear in the menu. Any idea why this happens or how to solve it? Thanks!

  21. sebastien

    hi, i have the botique 2 slider and out of nowhere the slider for some reason is now appearing within my text which is blocking part of the title and part of the tex… can i fix that?

  22. Mo


    On the main blog feed. how do i only show “news updates” and not video?

  23. No comments system works, it is a problem or Worpress theme, Greetings.

  24. When attempting to leave a comment on a post, you can not, is a problem of destro theme, thanks.

  25. dont display post content. only display post title… why its?

  26. i want to display many post on home page.. how to its..

  27. I would like to not show “Categories”, “Blog Post” and “Archives” not show on my main page. Is that possible? I am using Detro and the Mag5 skin.

  28. I want to put a logo in the upper right hand corner where the Ad box is. I understand that this will involve editing code and that is fine, I just can’t figure out where that code is.

    • admin

      header.php you have to remove the entire headerad block and increase the logo section width.
      I can make the changes if you like, contact me via contact form.

  29. I trying to figure out how to make my post summaries have a read more button instead of just the “…” Can someone please assist me with this coding. Thanks in advance

  30. I have bought pro ad I am trying to add more than one image to slider. It shows just the featured image, how do I add more?


  31. Nic

    I’m having issues with the slider displaying properly on my client’s IE8 browser. Instead of displaying properly, everything displays stacked vertically. It also happens with the sidebar – instead of being on the side, it displays full page width, underneath the other content. Is it a browser/plugin related issue? Please advise the best way to fix this. Thanks!

  32. Elizabeth Frazier

    I’m trying to get the slider to show on the homepage only. When I have the setting like so:

    Show the slider on homepage: Yes
    Show the slider on post pages: No
    Show the slider on pages: No

    The slider does not show up on the home page (or any other page).

    When I have the settings like so:

    Show the slider on homepage: Yes
    Show the slider on post pages: No
    Show the slider on pages: Yes

    then the slider shows up on the homepage and every other page as well.

    How can I get the slider to show up on only the home page?

  33. sebastien

    -On one of my page the footer appears on the sidebar…how can i fix this?
    -how can i remove the rss or feed button on the top of the page?

  34. sebas

    -On one of my page the footer appears in the sidebar instead of his usual spot how can i fix this?
    -I want to get rid of the “feed” button on top of the header and i want to had the facebook and twitter do i do that?

    • admin

      It happens when you have a unclosed div, Please edit that page content and see if there are any.

      • sebastien

        cool tks and what about the “feed” button on top of the header how do i get rid of it?

        • admin

          No theme option for it, you can edit it out from header.php in the skin folder(not the parent themealley)

          • sebas

            Can you tell me where the “unclosed div” is because i can’t find it and on the other hand it is weird that it is only on one page that the footer appears in the sidebar… the other pages are okay…

            <img src="” alt=””/>

          • admin

            Its the only page because the post content in that page has a unclosed div. Simply copy the page content ( not from the editor, but from the actual page itself ) and paste it in a notepad. Then copy the contents of notepad and paste it in the editor.

  35. how do i get the video to work on the sidebar?

  36. For the life of me I cannot figure out how to change the CSS to make the site title to look different. Hate the red and want to decrease the size of the font also.
    I have been through all the css code and cant seem to find the right one..

  37. Ok, and another.. How the heck do I get rid of the search bar on the side column?

  38. I am seeing an error when checking my website load times and these 2 files are not there when I checked via FTP. Where can I find the correct files so I can add them? Or how do I remove the error that requests those files?

  39. Chardae

    Hello, I am using this theme for my new site. I am interested in purchasing the Pro theme. However, I am curious if it is fully customizable and if I’ll be able to add a static background image. Looking forward to your reply because this is a great theme.


  40. Hi, I’m encountering the visual/text error via WordPress 3.5 but only for sites using the Destro theme. I’ve already attempted the solutions provided in the WordPress 3.5 masterlist but I’m still encountering this error.

    Is there any other solution other than downgrading to an earlier version of Destro?

  41. Assane

    Hi, please i don’t know how to make the slider works, can you help me?

  42. enrique

    I bought the Pro version, I am quite epxperienced on WP and have customized several sites. However, I don’t find the way to change the skin color. It is not an available option on the themeOptions page.
    I also would like to ask you how I get the rounded social media icons that you have atop of your template.

    • enrique

      Sorry, found out how to change the skin color. duh! But how to get those rounded social media icons atop of the page? i only get the RSS

  43. Just purchased the pro theme and I want to use it. Really dig it but having issues displaying videos and such. Can I send you my admin access?

  44. Hey great theme, but I have a question..How do I get the top rated/popular box to I need additional plugins that add these features to my post? PLease let me know, thanks!

  45. Kristen

    I’m not sure if this is a problem with the Destro theme or with WordPress, but my images now when you click on them bring up a slightly larger picture then when clicked again bring up the full size image. I was wondering if there’s a way to bypass the mid-size image and go straight from the thumbnail to the full size image.
    Any help is appreciated & thanks!

  46. Thanks for answering my last question it worked..but again I have another question…I’ve tried many times to post a gallery to the mag pro setting..but I can’t seem to use the correct gallery id…where is the gallery id located…I’ve tried using the post id of the media..and the [“111,121,131,etc.”] (text version) of the galleries….please let me know..thanks!

  47. Assane

    Hi, could you tell me … How can i turn the red website title into a yellow one?


  48. Steph

    i want to know how to delete subscriber & related post section off the sidebar..

  49. Hey the videos on magpro setting (middle column) the borders of the youtube video shake and don’t settle, is there a way to fix this?